Wilson’s Prison Reform / Wrongful Conviction

Wilson’s Prison Reform / Wrongful Conviction

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While still fighting to prove his innocence, Wilson has sought to take advantage of every opportunity to improve himself. Wilson has participated and completed numerous correspondence courses and self-help programs. One of the courses Wilson completed was the Legal Writers program which was offered by the MDOC. With that, he effectively became a legal writer and helped other inmates that have language barriers and learning disabilities.

Since 2018, Wilson has been working toward obtaining a bachelor's degree from Calvin University at the Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility. Wilson never graduated high school and only has a 7th grade education. While incarcerated, he has spent much of his time reading and furthering his education. This helped him greatly, because out of the few thousand inmates that wrote an essay to gain entrance to the Calvin College Program, Wilson was 1 of 20 that made it into the program. He currently has a 3.97 GPA and has obtained his Associates Degree! Wilson is currently working towards his Bachelors Degree.

Wilson's behavior has been exemplary and while he has been of assistance to many other inmates during his incarceration, it is time that his voice is heard.


With all of the corruption that takes place in the Detroit Police Department (4th Precinct), many have suffered from their abuse of power. Wilson Rivera is someone who has suffered tremendously. Below is a list of facts pertaining to his case. Below that, is his story.

1. There were no eyewitness testimony identifying Wilson as one of the perpetrators of the crime. The sole eyewitness for the prosecutor testified that the perpetrator was 5'3"-5'5", sounded white, and was wearing a poncho and a dark ski mask. Wilson is 5'10" with an accent.

2. Detroit Police failed to brush for fingerprints at the scene, although 5-6 shell casings were recovered and there was evidence that the perpetrator had touched the door jamb of the front door before forcing it open and gaining entrance to the house.

3. No murder weapon was ever recovered

4. Wilson never implicated himself. On the contrary, Wilson's statement to the police contained his whereabouts during the hours that the crime was taking place.

5. Although various caliber ammunition was found where Wilson was arrested, none matched the caliber of the weapon used to commit the offense.

6. Wilson was placed under arrest a few hours after the homicides, he was never administered a gun-residue test, however, one was administered to the sole eyewitness.

7. The perpetrator left a clear shoeprint at the scene of the crime, but Detroit Police failed to look for a match once Wilson was arrested in his home.

In 1993, at 19 years of age, Wilson Rivera was arrested, charged, and eventually convicted of two counts of murder. During the sentencing phase of his case, Wilson addressed the sentencing judge maintaining his innocence. Wilson asserted that his conviction was a consequence of perjuriously obtained testimony and fabricated evidence. While his journey has been difficult and Wilson maintains his innocence, he has not been deterred. He has been incarcerated for 28 years on this wrongful conviction.

Below are links to Wilson's information page, which contains his full story and case documents. There is also a link to his YouTube recording. This recording is of Wilson breaking down his wrongful conviction case. Please help support Wilson by visiting the links below and signing this petition. 



Thank You for your support in this journey.

2,172 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!