Menopause Clinic For Devon Campaign

Menopause Clinic For Devon Campaign

8 February 2022
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Jane Milligan (Devon ICB)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jinty Sheerin

51% of the population will go through menopause. It can be, for many, a life changing event that can have many debilitating symptoms.

We are two people who began recording a Podcast in our 50's to talk about and inform, every day folk about the Menopause. We are both at different stages of the menopause and we have both struggled for years to get an adequate diagnosis and appropriate treatments for the often debilitating and life changing symptoms we were experiencing. After numerous visits to our GP's we realised Devon did not have an specialised NHS menopause Clinic, the nearest one being a 120 mile round trip.

We know our stories are not unusual and we have gathered many testimonials of other Devon women which we are still collating in support of our cause. 

Our aim with this campaign is to provide Devon with its own NHS specialist Menopause Clinic so that other women do not face the same struggles we did.

We have set up this petition because currently the advice from the Clinical Commissioning Group in Devon when seeking treatment & support for menopause symptoms is:

"care can be accessed via primary care, GP, secondary care, Acute hospitals, mental health services and gynaecology."

This advice is outdated & does not represent the experience many women have when they attempt to access medical help for their menopause symptoms. 

We have the support of our local MP- East Devon’s MP Simon Jupp:

“Women in my constituency currently face a 120-mile round trip to get to the nearest specialist menopause clinic. It’s not good enough. That’s why I hope you back this very important campaign which I’ve raised with the Prime Minister in Parliament. Menopause is a priority in the women’s health strategy and the government is establishing a UK-wide menopause taskforce. I have already been invited to discuss the taskforce with ministers. It’s an encouraging step forward. To keep up the momentum, please show your support and sign this timely petition”.

A lack of access to specialist treatment and support in the menopause does not just impact the individual but also partners, colleagues, family and the wider community.

I'm sure you'll agree that the women and families of Devon should have access to the same options, choices and level of care that the women in other Counties receive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please sign and share

Jinty and Lou

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Support now
Signatures: 1,888Next Goal: 2,500
Support now