Rockford, IL PD Accountability and Reform

Rockford, IL PD Accountability and Reform

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Kristen Richardson started this petition to Rockford Illinois Police Department and

#FreeTheRockford11 is the latest hashtag for social injustices when protesters in Rockford, Illinois were unlawfully arrested Friday 07/31/2020 and Saturday 08/01/2020. The links below show different videos of what transpired.

Unlawfully Arrested Protesters Include:

(Friday 07/31/20)

Dayna Schultz - x2 Aggravated assault, x2 aggravated battery, resisting arrest

Elliot Dempsey - Mob action

Larissa Walston - Mob action, aggravated battery, resisting arrest

Allison Lamantia - Mob action

Scott Garwick - Mob action

Stephen Tuite - Mob action

Terry Patterson - Mob action, resisting arrest

Martha Ebner - Mob action, resisting arrest

Dylan Mitchel - x2 Aggravated battery, resisting arrest

William Gettings - Aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

Leslie Rolfe - Mob action, obstructing an officer

(Saturday 08/01/20)

Samuel Cornn - Resisting arrest, criminal damage to property

Anjanette Johnson - Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

Catherine Sneed - Mob action, resisting arrest

Michael Riggs - Aggravated battery, resisting arrest

Joel Cochran - Mob action

Brendon Rabitt - Mob action

Rockford Police Department Chief Dan O’Shea was accused of racial misconduct which was later dismissed. I strongly believe this incident right here reaffirms this allegation.

The police let 2 Caucasian vigilantes, later identified as Co-Sheriff Deputy Thomas “Tom” Brimhall and his son Adam Pickett, physically assault protesters. This is just absolutely unacceptable; especially witnessing on video how Brimhall’s fellow officers on duty allowed this incident to happen.

To ensure a proper recourse of action, we the people of The United States of America demand a non partisan investigation into the Rockford Police Department. To clarify, an investigation conducted by someone other than the accused (I.e The idea that an investigation can or should be conducted by the Rockford Police Department against the Rockford Police Department is absolutely preposterous and unacceptable).

The link below is the official petition to the White House as a call on Congress to open an investigation into this event. When you sign, please be sure to confirm your signature by verifying the email ‘We The People’ will send you.

We the people demand police reform and police accountability! We demand an investigation of the Rockford Police Department, accountability and reprimands for officers involved, all charges dropped from the unlawfully arrested protesters, charges against vigilantes Co-Sheriff Deputy Thomas “Tom” Brimhall and his son Adam Pickett, an apology to the local community and the rest of the nation now watching this disaster, and lastly the resignation of Chief Daniel O’Shea.

When I said enough is enough I meant it. What about you?


Reports of Rockford PD unlawfully arresting MORE protesters for being on a sidewalk; images show officers using excessive force. This will be updated as more information is received!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!