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What Happened to Khalid Flimban?

Khalid, had just turned 25 on December 24. In the early hours of Friday Januay 6th, 2 male individual's picked Khalid up from his home in Buena Park, CA and taken to Laguna Hills. Approximately 4 hours later he was found dead.

According to sources in the area this young man was found, the OCSD (Orange County Sheriff's Department) had everything cleaned up and torn down in less than 3 hours. No one has ever asked the Family questions about Khalid and his Character or even asked if he was noticed having a change in actions/behaviors. 
2 Different Accounts on how this Young man was found was given to the family  at 2 separate times, by 2 different areas of the leading Law Enforcement team on the case. 

The area he was found at was merely a few yards from the home that he had been taken to. This area is clearly visible from the back of that home and the neighbor's homes.  

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