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Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - STOP whaling and killing dolphins in Norway

Each year thousands of these gentle giants are slaughtered with exploding harpoons. Once the whale has been harpooned, it can suffer for hours before dying. The Rafisklaget handles about 80% of minke whale meat which is taken back to Norway and imported to Japan as a delicacy!

We think this should stop. Ban or no ban, whaling remains inhumane and whales are unsuitable for use by humans in this way (they are long living and slow to reproduce). There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea. The hunting process can never be an exact exercise - whales are a moving target, shot at on a moving vessel which sits on a moving sea. Grenade harpoons are often used to kill whales forcing them to be subjected to a long, slow and painful death. Monitoring and regulating whaling to keep kills to a certain number is also very difficult.

Blubber in particular has been a large and costly problem for the whaling industry. In 2002, the Norwegian government spent 4 million kroner to destroy 700 tons of blubber lying in freezer storage; it eventually came to light that much of the blubber had been used for pet food.

Since 2006, when the Norwegian whaling quota was increased by 30%, Norwegian whalers have been allowed to hunt a quota of 1,052 Minke whales a year.

No-one can be certain that whale populations can survive large scale hunting along with the other daily threats they face!

still kill 2000 whales between them each year and also continue trade in whale products!


DNA analysis suggests that the actual number killed may be twice as high.

Some whales suffer from truly terrible injuries for over one hour or more. Some whales are re-shot with another harpoon while others are finished off with rifle fire. Pregnant whales are deliberately targeted by the whalers for their larger size, to increase profits.

In addition to the large whales, tens of thousands of small whales, dolphins and porpoises, collectively known as small cetaceans, are killed annually in hunting activities not regulated by the IWC. Some of the species hunted include pilot whales, pygmy killer whales and bottlenose, stripped and spinner dolphins. 

Every year the number of whales killed is INCREASING!

This is NOT acceptable!

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