Outsiders: The show deserves a third season, and many more.

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Greetings, I'm going to introduce myself briefly: I'm a young boy who loves TV series, I think that these shows really often teach good things, especially to young people.

Outsiders is a show that I started to watch several months ago, I didn't know it's existance at first, so when I picked it up, I watched the entire first season in a single day, and followed the second on the TV.

This show is special, it has something that only some others have, uniqueness.

Not considering many shows who are continued just because of a big audience, this show actually deserves some more attention. I've been a #1 fan of many major TV shows and after a notable number of seasons, I've been disappointed the most of the times by repetitiveness and lack of quality in the plot.

On the contrary, this particular show didn't let literally anyone down. It's just started to set roots on our lives. I'm italian and I know lots of people, lots, who watch the series even if it's in english, without subs, just because they love the show.

Let's not remember the astonishing cast and plot, with actors such as Ryan Hurst from Sons Of Anarchy and writers such as Peter Mattei. Not to mention lots of other notables actors that this show might get to be known.

WGN, Sony, I would like you to pay attention to this petition, to the number of people who will sign it, and the main purpose of your work: entertainment. Make us happy. Let the Shay Mountain have a new season to tell herself.

I, Davide Fiorini, really appreciate the time you're spending to read what I wrote, and please, if you love this show and want it renewed for a third season, sign.

Ged-gedyah! (My best regards)