Allow wexford pound dogs to be photographed to increase their prospects of rehoming!

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Wexford County Council dog pound is located in BallyCarney and is run by a company called pets first.Currently the photographing of dogs at this pound is not permitted by members of the public or rescues.upon initial circulation of my petition, photographs were appearing only sporadically on their twitter site, which is absurd ,as many pounds have already adopted this approach which has effectively increased the rehoming prospects and decreased the needless and unjustified euthanisia of healthy behaviourally sound, rehomeable animals.animal lovers of the public demand that animal welfare organizations and rescues be permitted to photograph the wexford pound dogs on a weekly basis/daily basis with immediate effect.we will protest continuously until this is achieved.wexford dog pound kill rates are consistently one of the highest in the country annually,figures can be accessed from permitting the regular photographing of dogs on a regular basis will help reduce the needless killing that occurs here on a weekly basis.