Postpone Noisy Refurbishments during Covid-19 Lockdown

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Whole house refurbishment that takes more than 1 week is not an essential work during this covid-19.

We are all forced to be in lockdown and having to stand 8 hours of workers drilling and breaking through walls next to you, can seriously damage your mental health.

This petition is to ask for help, to untie the council's hands and for the government to review what's determined as construction and essential work.

I am trying to be calmed while writing this petition, as I am continuously suffering from this nonsense noise and vibrations through the wall and the floor since 2 weeks ago.

The police can't help us, the property manager said they are allowed to do it, the council said due to coronavirus they can't approach to inspect the noise.

We are really desperate now and we don't know what else to do.

We have collected firms and emails from our neighbours and we only hope if you live in the surroundings of Westminster or even in any other council in the UK and you are suffering from this, to raise your concern and sign this petition, please. We will then submit this formally to the official channels and see what happens.

Unfortunately, the official bodies will only take part if many people are getting impacted by such issues.

Please, help us!