Objection to Trocadero, Westminster, London mega mosque plan

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Westminster Mega Mosque (objection)

Those who support the plan claim they are three mosques within the area. However, Muslims in Britain website lists 21. Further in 2011 there was a mosque for every 2,700 Muslims, in 2020 the figure is 1,900 meaning there is not a shortage of such places. 

Further we object to the plan because:

1. 1000 worshipper Mosque causing more existing traffic congestion in Central London.

2. Not in keeping with local non-Muslim communities

3.Not complimentary to local tourist trade

4.Predicted pedestrian logistical problems on pavement

5.Failure of Police and local government in London to deal with Muslim worship extending out onto the streets which is anti-social behaviour.

6. Concerns about adequate emergency exit and fire prevention policies.

7. Change of use from retail to religious, the building was not designed for

8. How worships would react on Fridays when people leave work and move in large numbers to the area to use bars.


20/00726/FULL | Use of upper and lower basements and ground floor as a place of worship and community centre. (Use Class D1) | Trocadero 19 Rupert Street London W1D 7PN


The plan doesn’t meet Westminster Council plan for all, as many within LGBT community are concerned about the potential impact in the area. Further many mosques claim to allow females, but actually ban or make women enter or worship in another area, both LGBT and females are protected under the Equality Act 2010 from discrimination. The area has a longstanding reputation for being liberal, inclusive and modern. People travel from all over the UK and the World to visit the West End to see history and openness. 

City for All" strategy: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/city-for-all

The target date for the application Wed 17 Jun 2020. We urge the Conservative Council and councillors to reject the application.