It's time to stop selling puppies

The cruelty behind the pet trade is all over the news and families are sadly learning about puppy mills. Some local Westland families are saying “It's about time”. Westland Dog Food Co. (37687 Ford Rd) has been selling sick puppies from puppy mills and brokers who work with puppy mills since at least 2001 according to Most shipments are directly from the nation’s Puppy Mill Capital - Missouri.

Recent shipping records prove the store regularly ships from large commercial breeders. Some kennels have over 200 dogs! One such kennel - Bob & Dee Ann Cleveringa (Orange City, IA) was cited for excessive accumulation of brown fecal waste just last fall. Photos.

Puppies shipped from these types of puppy factories bring with them illnesses that are sometimes deadly and highly contagious costing families thousands of dollars. One Belleville family spent almost $5,000 in overnight veterinary care after purchasing a sick golden retriever in 2009. Video.

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