Partial Tuition Refund for WWU

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Due to the spread of the pandemic, COVID-19, Western Washington University has shut down their campus. While this is a wise decision made to prevent further spread, along with keeping students and faculty safe, it does come with repercussions. One of them being online classes. Although there are plenty of online classes at Western that will run smoothly, regardless of people having to stay quarantined, there are many classes that are not meant to be run online and will mean students will not be receiving the quality education they paid for. Teachers who have never navigated an online class before will likely be struggling to organize their canvas pages as well as attempting to figure out how to translate their assignments/tests into an online friendly format. Resources, such as office hours, in person discussions, libraries, and on campus computers, will no longer be available to students who need them.
Labs, service learning, internships and other required on/off campus hours will also be effecting students’ abilities to graduate in a timely manner. Even if they are able to make a plan that allows people to graduate without these hours, students are still missing out on valuable learning opportunities that should have aided them in the transition between college and their careers. 
Tuition fees such as the “recreation center fee, technology fee, Multicultural Student Center fee, alternative transportation fee”, and some housing fees are also no longer applicable as these are things we are no longer allowed to use for at least the first month of the quarter. 
Many of our students have lost their jobs during this crisis and are therefore not in a financial position to be paying full tuition fees, especially for an education that is only half the quality they originally paid for. I implore you, as a western student, to sign this petition so we can get some of our money back.