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Suspend Fees to Flood Ravaged Philippines

You’ve probably heard about the devastating flooding in the Philippines - with over 120,000 families affected.

According to news reports from this morning close to 1000 people have already died with many more at risk.

The people of the Philippines need help and while an international aid effort is underway from the International Red Cross and others, one place where the people of the Philippines aren’t getting any help is Western Union.

Over $17 billion in remittances flow into the Philippines each year and at a time like this they need every dollar.  That’s why we’re calling on Western Union to suspend all fees on remittances to the Philippines until the crisis has ended.

Sign the petition calling on Western Union to suspend all fees for remittances to flood ravaged Philippines.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Western Union.

Suspend Fees to Flood Ravaged Philippines

Aid agencies are reporting as many as many as 120,000 people affected by flash flooding on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

With the death toll rising daily, it's time for Western Union to suspend their fees for remittances being sent to the Philippines.

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