Create a walking and cycling greenway on the closed railway from Sligo to Athenry

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 over 25,000 now are asking for a greenway from Sligo to Athenry on Closed railway

The closed railway line from Sligo (Collooney) to Athenry has been closed for over four decades and is lying in waste. There is very little hope it will ever be opened as a railway again.  People along the route in small towns and villages in the West of Ireland want to see something happen. They have seen the success that greenways on old railways can achieve, a new facility re-inventing the closed railway will bring civic pride to these towns and villages, creating a public space to enjoy.    We are calling on the Minister of Transport to act now and make this route lying redundant for over 40 years to be put to good use now as a greenway until such time as a railway might be possible in the interests of local communities along the route and in the interests of our tourism industry.