Create a walking and cycling greenway on the closed railway from Sligo to Athenry

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The closed railway line from Sligo (Collooney) to Athenry has been closed for over four decades and is lying in waste. There is very little hope it will ever be opened as a railway again.  People along the route in small towns and villages in the West of Ireland want to see something happen. They have seen the success that greenways on old railways can achieve, a new facility re-inventing the closed railway will bring civic pride to these towns and villages, creating a public space to enjoy.    This project will create many jobs in tourism, a proven fact as greenways the world over attract tourists. We want to know why Galway East TD Sean Canney is trying to stop the tourism jobs that will be created, We want to know why Mayo county council effectively ignored nearly 300 submissions on the county plan asking for a greenway and still won't listen.  We are asking you to sign our petition to the Irish Minister of Transport Shane Ross to say please make this simple project happen.  Minister ask your Independent Alliance colleague Sean Canney why he is opposed to the Greenway.  Mayo cllrs ask your county management why they are stopping this initiative. The new national development plan says there will be another report into the Western Rail Corridor this report is now underway by consultants EY DKN;  The consultants need to know nearly 25,000 people mainly from the West of Ireland have signed this petition.    Minister, you need to start listening to people in Galway, Mayo and Sligo.  Mayo Cllrs you need to start listening to people in Mayo.  EY DKN you need to listen to the people  There is not going to be a railway we want a greenway.