Confront Racism in Western Pennsylvania

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Despite the best efforts of many, racismis alive and well on the fields of Western Pennsylvania high school sports. Any hope for change requires athletes, families, communities, and sports organizations to act decisively and together.
On Sunday, September 1, 2019, the Taylor Allderdice boys’ soccer team played the Connellsville boys’ soccer team in a tournament game. On the field, Connellsville players goaded one Black and one Latino member of the Allderdice team with racial slurs. One of the Allderdice players responded in defense and was immediately ejected from the game. No one addressed the inciting slurs and the Connellsville coach has denied wrongdoing by his players.  Although the racial abuse suffered by some of our players was despicable, it was by no means the only abuse levied on our boys. The Connellsville team also utilized forms of physical touching likely intended to distract or intimidate, which were beyond the bounds of appropriate conduct during a soccer match. 

This is just one of a series of similar events reported in the media over the last few years.

If we don’t act decisively and together for change, we will remain embedded in this culture of repetitive racial intolerance and official inaction.  

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