FACT: Cats are NOT an Invasive Species

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On March 12, 2018, the Western Governors Association (WGA) added cats to their invasive species list.  According to an Associated Press story, WGA's invasive species list was released “in hopes of helping people recognize and eradicate the invaders before they spread."

This is how the WGA describes this invasive species: Feral (or spay-neuter-release) Cat (Felis domesticus).  Felis domesticus means domesticated cat.  Since there is no classification for ferals, do these governors want the eradication of all cats?  If these governors don't understand the benefits and success of trap-neuter-return (TNR), how can they determine if a cat is even feral?

We also wonder why humans are not on their list?  Humans kill birds and many other species of wildlife through hunting, accidents and more.  Humans use pesticides that kill wildlife.  Humans are the number one invasive species and yet we, as humans, decide what other invasive species like us should be eradicated?  Cats today, maybe dogs tomorrow?

It is also good to remember that unowned, free-roaming cats are not outside because they want to be.  Humans (AGAIN) abandoned them when they were no longer wanted.  The other day, a story came out about a 16 year old cat that was dumped by its owners.  The cat walked miles to get back home, only to be dumped at a shelter by the very same HUMANS.  Yet we punish the cats?

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When do we stop blaming the cats and take responsibility for what we have done?  Now is the time.  Please sign this petition and share it - tell the WGA that its time to show humanity and compassion.  Remove cats from your invasive species list.  Don't take us back to the failed days of trap and kill or worse. 

Petition will also be delivered to the following governors:  Jay Inslee, Washington;  Kate Brown, Oregon,  Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr, California; C.L. “Butch” Otter  (Idaho);  Brian Sandoval , Nevada; Doug Ducey, Arizona; Gary Herbert, Utah;  Steve Bullock, Montana;  Matthew Mead, Wyoming; John Hickenlooper, Colorado;  Susana Martinez, New Mexico;  Greg Abbott, Texas;  Mary Fallin, Oklahoma;  Dr Jeff Coyler, Kansas;  Pete Ricketts, Nebraska;  Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota; Doug Burgum, North Dakota;  Bill Walker, Alaska; and David Ige, Hawaii.