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Keep the New Milford Hospital Birthing Center Open

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There are so many reasons as to why this facility should remain open, but to name just a few..
1. The one-on-one care you receive at New Milford, you cannot get at a larger hospital. You are not just a number at the New Milford Hospital Birthing Center. The compassionate care you receive is top notch. The knowledge and help the nurses and doctors provide while there is invaluable. You leave there feeling confident that, as a scared, new parent, you can take care of this new human being on your own...and if you have any questions, they encourage you to call or stop in. They want to help you even when you leave the hospital.
2. It is important for expecting mothers to have a local hospital. They need to know that they can get there quickly if there were an emergency, and that the hospital is equipped to handle their case. If New Milford Hospital Birthing Center closes, the emergency room will have 'knowledge' but not be able to fully help if a true emergency with an expecting mother were to arise. Danbury hospital then seems like light years away, and tragedies could happen.
3. Bigger is not always better. Not everyone wants to have such a personal experience happen in a big facility, a teaching facility, no less. If they want that, they have many large hospitals to choose from, Danbury being one of them. If they don't, they have New Milford to rely on. They want to close an asset to this town, something that many people like when choosing to move to this town. It is a gem of a facility and should not be shut down due to politics and money.

Please sign this petition if you believe that the New Milford Family Birthing Center should remain open and I encourage you to leave a comment as well as these will all be brought up to Hartford. Please write a letter to the state too as every little bit counts! We don't have much time left to try to make a difference. We have to still believe that we CAN make a difference. Thank you in advance!!

Office of Health Care Access
Certificate of Need Program
410 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06134

Application # 12-31781-CON

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