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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and County Board of Legislators: Do NOT Cut Funding for Cranberry Lake Preserve and other County Parks

My name is Stephen Holden, I am a 9 year old kid that thinks that the people who work at Cranberry Lake Preserve should keep their jobs. My mom told me that the Government of Westchester is thinking of not spending money on Cranberry Lake Preserve. I love Cranberry Lake Preserve because I love nature and it is full of natural habitats to plants and animals. I am worried that kids won't get educated enough about nature if you do not spend money on Cranberry Lake Preserve. Taro and Zach work at Cranberry Lake Preserve and they educate kids and help the Preserve to grow. If they don't work at Cranberry Lake Preserve kids won't get educated, and I am very worried about that! Imagine kids not being educated by nature! The People who sign this petition love nature and Cranberry Lake Preserve too. Thank you.

Letter to
County Executive Hon. Rob Astorino
County Legislator Hon. Lyndon Williams, Vice Chairman
County Legislator Hon. Alfreda Williams
and 15 others
County Legislator Hon. Judith Myers
County Legislator Hon. Catherine Borgia
County Legislator Hon. James Maisano
County Legislator Hon. Sheila Marcotte
County Legislator Hon. William Ryan
County Legislator Hon. David Gelfarb
County Legislator Hon. Michael Smith
County Legislator Hon. John Testa
County Legislator Hon. Peter Harckham
County Legislator Hon. Michael Kaplowitz
County Legislator Hon. MaryJane Shimsky
County Legislator Hon. Bernice Spreckman
County Legislator Hon. Gordon Burrows
County Legislator Hon. Virginia Perez
County Legislator Hon. Ken Jenkins, Chairman
Please do not make cuts to the funding for curator positions in Westchester County parks. The curators at these parks provide a great service to our community, especially to the children of Westchester County. Given the state of childhood these days, it is more important than ever that our kids have an outlet for hands-on nature experiences and outdoor exploration, as well as an opportunity to learn to appreciate and protect the world around us.

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