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For Society as a whole (inc.The Police) to recognise the work done by PREDATOR EXPOSURE

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Predator Exposure are a Group that have a Facebook page that I have been following for the past few months.  The Group is made up by volunteers who use their own time and resources to identify and expose Sexual Predators who target Children Online and they gather evidence that they then pass on to the Police in order to gain successful Arrest and Prosecution of these people who pose a real risk to children.

I have recently been made aware due to recent postings made on the Predator Exposure Facebook page that the Police have now issued warnings that these Groups must stop what they are doing otherwise they themselves will be Arrested.

From what I have seen of the work undertaken by Predator Exposure at no time I have seen anything that would cause me any concern and I do not feel that any of the Team have committed any act of criminality that would render them subject to lawful arrest or prosecution.

What I have seen is a Group of people who care enough about our Children that they have taken their own time in order to do something Lawful about the problem and all I have seen is Evidence that they have tried their best to work with the Police, in fact they have been a valuable resource as they have done the ground work and passed all the Evidence onto the Police which in my opinion is supporting and helping not only the Police but also the wider Community, in particular Safeguarding Children.

If you have not heard of Predator Exposure then please could you take a moment to visit their Facebook page: and have a look for yourself if you support the work that this Group is doing and if you do support Predator Exposure then please could I kindly ask that you take a moment to support and sign this petition.

I would like to add that I have no links to Predator Exposure or any of the Group members but I felt it necessary, myself to raise this petition before they are outlawed and prevented from undertaking the good work that they do to Protect Children Online.

Thank you very much for your time.

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