Stop Proposed Med Recycler site for 1600 Division Rd approval

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"A relatively untested technology that cooks medical waste to generate electricity is proposed for a local office and warehouse building." As residents of East Greenwich and West Warwick this is NOT something we want close to our homes .

We are writing to register my concern regarding the proposed Med Recycler site for 1600 Division Rd approval for Tuesday night. This facility is very close to the  residential area where many live, Signal Ridge,   as well as many of the homes here are on well water. On the corner of Division and Rt 2, Med Recycler of New Jersey is proposing a medical waste recycling facility for 1600 Division Rd. The proposed facility is hoping to take in “anatomical waste, animal waste, contaminated animal carcasses, body parts and bedding, cultures and stocks, human blood and blood products, pathological waste, prescription drugs, spill cleanup material mixtures, and syringes and other medical “sharps.” It also may receive isolation waste, which is the material generated by patients that are isolated to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.” ( eco RI new article 2/24/2020  )

We have no idea if this contains E-Coli, staph, HIV and or COVID 19 waste products. The proposed facility is also planning to store up to 25 trucks of waste onsite. The term “synthesis gas” is not clear as to what will be produced. 

You would think that during this national emergency of the COVID 19 virus and the potential for harm for nearby homes, New England Tech students and other commercial businesses within close proximity of this project, the town of West Warwick would take great care to verify exactly what and how this facility will be operating. What is NAICS code ( Is it governed by the Clean Air Act? Where is the safety data sheet on Med Recycler’s other facilities? What happens if Med Recycler accidentally receives material that exceeds it’s permit? What biosafety level is Med Recycler permitted to receive? The following are the levels;

- BSL1 - E. Coli

- BSL2 - HIV, Staph infections, influenza

- BSL3 - West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever

- BSL4 - Ebola, Marburg virus

Where will the water come from and where will the wastewater go? 

Please remember many of us who live in this area rely on well water to drink and cook with. I believe that West Warwick has a very important responsibility here to safeguard not only its residents but the surrounding communities as well. I certainly hope that the town council takes this responsibility seriously in light of the recent viral outbreak.