To NOT Cancel WVU 2020 Commencement, Postpone if Needed!

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WVU is said to announce the action taken on behalf of the class of 2020 commencement ceremony within the next week. With such a statement, many are left fearing for the cancellation of the ceremony.

With commencement being just two months away and the school making their decision in the next few days we need to enact on a change soon. Commencement at WVU is like no other, hearing your name being called in the Coliseum all while wearing the blue or yellow cap and gown you’ve waited your whole life for. For many people, they are among the first in their families to ever receive a four year degree or complete college at all. For some people, they have flown here from all across the nation/world for this very moment. Being able to walk across the stage in the final moment of our undergraduate lives with our peers and singing Country Roads one last time is something we all deserve to witness. Having our families sit in the same seats we once sat in at a WVU basketball game cheering for US and OUR accomplishments is something we deserve to feel.

Some people have been joking about the possibility of a virtual graduation - how could this ever replace the physical ceremony where sheer excitement and relief are palpable in the air? Commencement is not something that we can log into and view from a screen. This could never replace something people wait their whole lives for. Imagine not being able to have your cap, gown, and sorority/fraternity stoles or honors cords. How could we accept a replacement that takes all these things away?

We all fully understand the current public health crisis. Though the future is in an unpredictable state, we can still fight for a postponement of the commencement ceremony. Even if we have to stagger it over the course of hours or days with people spread apart, any sort of physical ceremony will be better than anything virtual. We cannot allow the achievement of a lifetime to be reduced to just another virtual interaction. We've put in too much to deserve just a virtual ceremony.

Please help bring light to this matter for our seniors at the West Virginia University by signing this petition and let Country Roads bring us back home!