Restore Haywards Heath Sixth Form College Provison

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Hello All

I want to help restore Haywards Heath Sixth Form College provision within the Mid Sussex District, to try and allow post-16 provision to be implemented as it's an urgent requirement for the Town. As we are deprived of a dedicated Sixth Form College facility, which has brand new £30 million facilities, which are wasting away, lying there empty and derelict/locked up.

It was just one year ago when Haywards Heath Sixth Form College was closed and it has been over a year now, where many suggestions have been put forward, but there has been not much action. I have written several documents and spoken to several officials, it's starting to become a reality, but we have heard nothing for sometime, there has been no Community/Public Consultation. In theory it's going to take 3-5 Years to establish post-16 provision, I think this is a critically urgent need and should be implemented as soon as possible e.g. 1-2 Years.

I feel it should offer a balance of Academic, Vocational, Arts, Community, STEM, Adult Education and Higher Education. It should be a center for excellence and have academia/ a generous but high quality sixth form provision for the local students at it's core(rather than being a free School/Academy). It is not right that we should remain without a suitable post-16 facility for compulsory education.

Kind regards