Route the C Bus Line Off First Avenue

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As anyone who rides the C bus  to and from Downtown Seattle knows, the commute to West Seattle has become agonizingly slow; in many cases over an hour.  This is because, after the closure of the Viaduct, King County and King County Metro has insisted on routing busses down First Avenue. First Avenue has no capacity for the current number of cars, never mind cars and busses.  And on nights when there is a game or other event, it can take an hour to go just one block.

There is an easy solution; route busses off First Avenue! There are a number of alternate routes that would avoid the congestion of First Avenue and get to the West Seattle Bridge much faster.

Busses are overseen by King County; not the city of Seattle. Sign this petition and make it clear to our elected King County Council that this is a critical issue for West Seattle commuters and voters, and that change is needed now.