Stop the ATV Park in Jungle Habitat

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We want the township of West Milford now and in the future to prohibit any consideration for an ATV park in Jungle Habitat. 

My involvement with Jungle Habitat began years ago when I read an article about JORBA building trails there. I had hiked and biked to the Jungle from my home and I wanted to be involved. I showed up to help the following week and, as I trudged through the snow and hacked out the first section of a trail, little did I know that this was the start of my odyssey into trail building and advocacy. It allowed me to give back to a community I have grown to love and introduced me to some great new friends. I now serve on the board of as secretary.  Since 2006, JORBA has invested more than 3500 man hours cleaning, building and maintaining trails at Jungle Habitat. Kids races, mountain bikes races, trail runs and mountain biking festivals are held at Jungle Habitat every year. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (maintainers of over 2,100 miles of trails) also maintains several backcountry foot trails, which would also be negatively impacted by a noisy ATV park.

Jungle Habitat is now widely know in the mountain bike community, drawing riders statewide, nationally and even internationally. The property contains the headwaters of two important stream systems; the Morsetown Brook which flows into Greenwood Lake and Hewitt Brook, and an unnamed tributary to Hewitt, which flows into the Monksville and Wanaque Reservoirs. Hewitt Brook and its tributary are classified as trout production, thus they are considered pristine waters and receive the highest level of governmental protection. Now all that is at risk. An ATV park in this area will have a negative impact on their water quality due to erosion, runoff, and nonpoint pollution from motor oils and gasoline. The forest will be fragmented, causing destruction of critical habitat for threatened bird species and displacement of wildlife. The noise from this facility will have a negative impact on residential areas nearby, affecting quality of life and property values. The noise and scarring of the property will also have a negative impact on hikers and the numerous mountain bike riders that peacefully use this land. 

While the need for the creation of an ATV park is understood, the locations that are considered must not negatively impact area residents, pre‐existing uses or environmentally sensitive areas. As taxpayers, we the undersigned object to the use of this taxpayer purchased State property for this intent and purpose.

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