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Keep Coco Alive & Bring Her Back Home

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This petition is for a friend who's dog has had lies told about her by her Mother of all people, just for spite please sign & share ... Message from Jodie ... To everyone who doesnt know I've had my best friend Coco, my whole entire world took by the police because my evil horrible spiteful so called woman of a mom has falsely made up lies about Coco. Disgusting. She hasnt even seen me or Coco for about 5 months I don't know what goes through her mind to do these wicked disgusting things that she does but this is a step too far. Coco is now undergoing tests forced to be neutered and tested on. Anyone can tell my dog is the softest kindest most loving dog in this world she really has a heart of gold. Im now facing £1500 in costs to get her back and save her life. Also trying to fight the fact that she is not aloud to live in my flat or be rehomed so she could have to be put down. What a disgusting vile human being would do this. My little brother told my Nan he heard Mommy on the fone to the police saying these lies about Coco. Why would anyone lie like this ??? I hope u rot in hell u have won ur wicked game of ruining my life. Well Done. I hope ur sitting there happy while you've just caused an innocent little dog to lose her life. ! Disgusting grass, vile horrible, vindictive woman. My house recently got raided by police after an allegation of a pitbull was made to them by my very own Mother, She falsely accused Coco of being a pitbull and spread nasty lies about her when she has not seen me or my dog for 5 months. Coco has now been seized under the dangerous dogs act and she is now being held and tested on. The police have told me that in order for her to carry on being alive she must be tattooed micro chipped and neutered, but most importantly is that they have said she cannot be rehomed elsewhere the problem is I live in a property where it is a no dog property. Coco was only here half the week and the other half the week she stayed at my Nans along with her other dog. Because she was taken from my flat she will have to be signed over to come back to this address which means getting councils permission to have the dog there. I understand that my property is a shared garden accomodation and that is the only reason that no dogs are aloud although I should add all my neighbours have got pet dogs and this is a new rule which doesnt apply to people who already had dogs before the new rule. All my neighbours have agreed that Coco is a lovely harmless gentle dog and not at all a bother to anybody. I am making this petition to write to the council to help support me asking for permission to keep my dog alive and agreeing to her being aloud in my property. Thankyou all for taking time to share and sign this petition. Bring Coco back home and give dogs the justice they deserve for being mans best friend. No one should have the power to end an innocent dogs life just because they choose to be nasty & vindictive x

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