Sentence Review. On 10/06/19 two people were convicted of feeding live fox cubs to dogs

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On 10/06/19 two people were given extremely light sentences after being found guilty of a total of 7 charges of cruelty to animals. They had actively sought out fox dens and taken the cubs from their home. They then took them back to their place of work where they tossed them, live, into a pack of hunting hounds to be brutally murdered. They later went back to the kennels to retrieve the carcasses and threw the bodies into the bin. Despite a lengthy and expensive trial and being found guilty they received the following - person a....16 weeks suspended (no imprisonment) and person b....... 12 weeks suspended (no imprisonment) and they were fined a total of £415. How on earth can animal cruelty be stopped when sentences like this act as no deterrent whatsoever. The cost to the taxpayer must have been huge. The work put in by the police must have been lengthy. Above all the terror and pain that those fox cubs went through doesn't bare thinking about.

The sentences for animal cruelty MUST be made tougher and this sentence must surely be reviewed, surely that was not the maximum sentence that the judge could have imposed?

The public outcry to both this case and to the sentence received speaks volumes about the whole situation. 

Animals feel happiness, sadness, fear and pain just as we do so why should crimes against them be disregarded as they often are. 

Please sign and share this petition to see if we can help bring justice for these fox cubs and for any animals who will become victims in the future.