Help police dog Ivy stay with her beloved dog handler

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Help police dog Ivy stay with her beloved dog handler

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My dad Dave is a Dog Handler Sergeant for West Mercia Police. And for the past four years he has had Ivy, a police dog, by his side.

In April this year my dad is due to retire and after 34 years he has only one request, that Ivy can retire alongside him and continue to live at the family home where she has been since she was 9 months old. But West Mercia police are trying to separate Ivy and my dad.

West Mercia Police think putting Ivy into the hands of another handler is a "sensible" thing to do, they are reluctant to take into consideration the distress and heartbreak that would be caused by removing Ivy from the loving home she has with my dad and our family, the heartbreak - not just for us but for Ivy, anyone who owns a dog knows the bond that is made and the distress that can be caused by separation.  

In the past four years, they have spent every day together and have created a special and unique bond with one another. It is truly something you have to see to believe. Before joining the Police Force Ivy had already had 2 previous homes, with us she was able to finally be in a loving home where she could settle into a routine when she wasn't on duty. She now loves nothing more than her endless walks around the fields with Dave.

It is also extremely sad that this is how West Mercia Police repays a man who has dedicated 34 years of his life to the police Force. My dad has even offered to buy Ivy or cover expenses of another dog to replace her job and they have even refused this!!

Please help us to try and make West Mercia Police do the right thing for our beloved Ivy, help make our Dad’s retirement the special achievement it should be and finish his career with Ivy by his side.

Thank you !
Jennie xx

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This petition had 139,387 supporters

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