Please enforce the law against dog and wild boar fighting

Please enforce the law against dog and wild boar fighting

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On October 20, 2017, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan issued Circular No. 302/44 / Hukham on the Prohibition against Adu Bagong. In his letter the Governor asked the Regent / Mayor to issue a regulation to ban adu bagong performances in his territory, despite it is being a long tradition of West Javan society.

Although the police have closed the arenas where adu bagong is held in some places, we continue to see some performances continuing to take place in many others, such as in the Cikadu Village, Sumedang Regency and Pamarican Village, Ciamis Regency.

These animal fights are a cruel spectacle. The often-fatal animal fights only began in the 1960s. Yet some locals defend the "contests" as a cultural tradition that must be protected.

No living creature should be forced to defend its life for the mere amusement of another.

This is animal cruelty of the worst kind. Marison Guciano, an animal rights activist in Indonesia, describes it bluntly as "a criminal act against animals."

Adu bagong has a negative impact on the community. It desensitises the public to animal cruelty and encourages betting and gambling practices.

Organising adu bagong is a form of animal cruelty and is a violation of article 302 of the Criminal Code (Penal Code) which stipulates a criminal penalty for people who are responsible for the torture of animals.

We will press West Java Police Chief Inspector General Budi Maryoto to enforce the law against dog and wild boar fighting

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