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West Carrollton school by law are supposed to provide a safe environment for all children but they have failed. After the brutal assault my son was sat in a office for over a hour. Told to “sit down and shut up” Medical attention was not given and the police were never called. It took approximately 90 minutes to call home. When a call was received the assault was down played to the seriousness of the assault.The environment at West Carrollton Schools is to evidently not document assaults bullying,etc and therefore no evidence of how unsafe the West Carrollton school's really are is being documented. We must stop the assaults and bullying and require mandatory police reporting ,employment of a school resource officer ,immediate expulsion of dangerous kids,hold parents and administrators accountable for lack of supervision of dangerous kids ,and return safety to kids at WC.Please sign the petition and review the tape of the cowardly assault of my son.We must restore sanity and accountability to West Carrollton Schools