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BAN The Illegal Trade and Cruel Nest Poaching of African Grey Parrots

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These African Grey's are of "Near Threatened" status on the Redlist due to illegal trade for domestication and nest poaching. Groups of men trap these parrots by using a couple of cruel methods. First method begins by setting a net flat on the ground with a favorable food on top as bait. They wait until there is as much Grey's on the net as possible and then close the net. Once it is closed, the birds are very tightly squeezed together making it hard to move around. When the parrots try to escape, they end up harming, or worse, killing each other with their beaks or talons. Some die hours later from wounds or stress. Another method of trapping the poachers use it called the glue method. In the glue method, the poachers soak some tree branches in a tar-like looking glue or dip sticks into the glue that the parrots may land on. When their wings hit the glue, it dries almost instantly taking away their ability to fly, hence making it easier to capture.

After being trapped in the net, the parrots are then put into cages at the poachers camps. They let the parrots feed off of nothing but corn meal and water. It is this cruel poaching that leads to the illegal trade. Once trapped, the African Grey's are then shipped illegally to other lands such as: Europe, US, and Middle East.

SInce these parrots cannot speak for themselves, and efforts to help take them off of the Redlist are few, who knows! This petition's goal is to bring some big change for the African Grey conservation effort! Every signature counts!

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