Tell USAA to stop advertising on Fox News's Hannity.

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We take issue with USAA funding a political opinion show that continuously misinforms it's viewers and often outright lies to them.

Today's America is rife with political propaganda intended to embolden the ignorant through falsehoods and fear mongering. Sean Hannity of Fox News's Hannity is a major culprit of such practices. 

Hannity, politicians, and Fox News all use the Hannity show to push an agenda that has been very harmful and divisive to our nation. By continuing to fund Hannity, USAA makes it abundantly clear that they too, at the very least, support such harmful and divisive propaganda.

Many veterans have checking accounts, savings accounts, auto insurance, home insurance, investments, and have secured home loans through USAA. And many of these veterans plan on being lifetime USAA members because of the fantastic services and support that they offer. However, no matter how great USAA's service is to veterans, we will continue to serve our country through whatever means are necessary. We will pull our investments, close our bank accounts, and change insurance providers in an effort to keep our nation united.

This petition asks USAA to suspend it's funding of the Sean Hannity show, as well as any other political opinion shows that are intended to harm our country and divide our countrymen. We are USAA members because of your services, not because of politics.