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Walk your talk for true abundance

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In a world of over 7.4 billion people, eight men own as much wealth as half the world’s population. The 10 biggest corporations also make more money than most countries in the world combined. Of the top 100 economic entities in 2015, 69 were corporations, not countries.

Nonetheless, in John Chambers’ 2015 farewell address, Cisco’s last executive chairman had predicted 40 percent of companies would be “dead in 10 years.”

Increasingly, we are also bombarded by news of how AI and technologies will automate most incumbent jobs in the foreseeable future. Despite global turmoil over an increasingly unsustainable system, humanity remains largely stuck: We're between 2 vastly different paradigms video

In the network era, a scarcity mindset exposes everyone to systemic risks because as it is, the completely normal, regular operational mode of the system can lead to the self-destruction of the system.

The greatest challenge we face today

The only system we rely on to survive conditions us to compete and to look out only for ourselves. An exploitive “Age of Me” culture has forced most of us to prioritize money above all else. Globally, as this brings out our worst, such symptoms have emerged: Mass exploitation and inequality, Hatred, Broken people, Lack of trust, Poverty, Hunger, Crime, etc.

So, to try to kickstart the shift to true abundance, we have created a two-part social experiment to enable strangers ANYWHERE to build trust with one another. Essentially, to observe people’s behavior regarding our shared future.

If successful, up to 100% net proceeds from Part 2 will be shared with the best co-creators globally piloting #WePowerAbundance, a new way of thinking, doing and sharing.

Because money is so integral to our lives, most people are not aware of alternatives. Since last May, I have approached and interviewed about 20 people in the future of money space to help them get traction. I will release their manuscripts in two volumes for this emergent experiment.

In "Social movements powering the future of money, Vol 1," the founders behind Bay Bucks (USA), Cooperativa Integral Catalana/FairCoop (Spain), Community Evolution Foundation (Canada), Ethos VO (UK), LabGov (Global), La Scuola Open Source (Italy), Mutual Aid Network/Dane County TimeBank (USA), P2P Foundation (Netherlands)/ Commons Strategies Group (Global) and Thrive-In Collaboration (Global) share how they are paving the way for a more humane world.

Our initial phase will be more business as usual to try to deal with cognitive dissonance:

By enabling strangers ANYWHERE to crowdfund this social experiment, we observe if people globally are receptive to kickstarting the shift to the “Age of We” of abundance, GROUND UP

In Part 2, a to-be-built website will help determine who to share the net proceeds with as strangers unlearn to relearn how life is not about ourselves and our loved ones but about everyone

For true change to occur, we have to come together as human beings.  To heal.

“Paradigm shifts entail an entire restructuring of our understanding of reality. Initially, nothing will make sense. But by opening ourselves to understanding and to unlearning to relearn, we will be able to co create the new culture for the new paradigm.”  Betty Lim

Unlike the need for control and role models in the old paradigm, the “Age of We” approach is highly intuitive and emergent. A huge part of this journey to abundance is self-discovery based on one’s openness to exploring new possibilities for everyone’s benefit.

While there’s no one way of getting to the “Age of We,” this shift will depend on all of us: “Each of us has the perfect gift to give the world and if we are able to each give what’s so uniquely ours, we will be able to create magic for and with each other.”

And as we unlearn to rediscover our authentic selves, we can better understand and appreciate one another. When we can go beyond our “Age of Me” blinkers, we will be living in true abundance. 

If this is the future YOU want, help us kickstart #WePowerAbundance, a new way of thinking, doing and sharing!

Sign this petition and DO get everyone you know to support this.Hashtag #WePowerAbundance. If you can, please also pre-order Vol 1 and/or get a co-creating perk or three!!

Here’s towards walking our #WePowerAbundance talk for all. 

Thank you.

Betty Lim and Simon Sim
Abundance catalysts


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