Save the Northern Meadows from Development.

Save the Northern Meadows from Development.

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Started by Tessa Marshall

This petition has been rejected by the Welsh Government. Please sign this one instead! :

The Northern Meadows have been a part of the Cardiff North Community for longer than I can remember. Kids go blackberry picking and sledging, and many go on walks with their dogs and families here. This area has been untouched for decades, allowing nature to grow and thrive. This is all now under threat. 

From bats to owls, from old trees to young ones, from rabbits to buzzards, this area is full of biodiversity. It is an extension of the nature reserve where people can come for some peace of mind, to walk their dogs and meet others in the community. 

This wild space gives residents of Cardiff North a much needed break from city life and the noisy traffic of the M4 - not a mile away from the head of the site. It gives us a barrier of clean air and space to be in wilderness, something unheard of in cities. 

It helps us achieve our Paris Agreement Goals. It will help us keep our mental and physical health together. And it gives nature a home in a constantly expanding city. 

Why build the hospital here when 3/4s of the patients are from outside Cardiff? We are asking the above mentioned to cancel the plan, move the Hospital to a relevant site and protect Nature in Cardiff North. 


13,737 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!