Ftm chest binders to be sold in pharmacies in the Uk

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Through out the past couple of years i am sure i alot of people would have noticed the increase of transgender kids and also adults 

As a transgender myself, i have noticed how expensive it is for ftm transgender kids to get a binder, binders are incredibly expensive as the binders do have to come from America, this results in having to pay a custom fee which is normally around £13 but if add that onto to the price of a binder which is normally  £40 +£17 for shipping, it does result in becoming quite expensive 

However there are also the people who can't get hold of a binder because of many reason for example; 

The person maybe unable to come out due to a non-supportive family and there for it would seem "weird" for them to receive a binder in the mail 

The person may be unable to afford a binder due to the high cost 

These are only some of the reasons, transgender young people need support form the government

If i reach my target and can get chest binders sold in pharmacies i feel it will help the transgender community into becoming who they are