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Women in Wales deserve better miscarriage support from the Welsh NHS

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Women all over Wales are having to endure the devastation of multiple miscarriages and are being given very little hope of understanding why this is happening to them. The current policy is that women should receive their care in Wales and yet no specialised services are available in Wales. Women need to have exhausted options in Wales and need the support of their consultant before they stand any chance of getting a referral to specialised services across the border. This is a harrowing experience for parents and can take a painfully long time. Even if referrals across the border were easier, the distances involved would make accessing this care prohibitive for many. This lack of care and support at one of the loneliest and most difficult times in their lives is leaving thousands of couples feeling isolated and hopeless. Furthermore, it is wrong that couples in Wales are paying into the same system as people living over the border and yet they are not able to access the same care that those over the border have access to.

This lack of care for Welsh couples is utterly unacceptable. This petition is therefore calling on the Assembly for Wales to provide quality, specialised miscarriages services for mums in Wales. The hope is that we can achieve much better care for women in Wales by showing Vaughan Gething AM, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, that there is both a desire and a need for these services. 

Note: Please do share your experiences of the Welsh system or problems you have had in accessing care in Wales below. This will all help to show the Cabinet Secretary for Health that specialised services are really needed in Wales.