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Like vultures, Wells Fargo waited.

The house that my mother, Marjorie Gibson, owned is the only home our family has had for over two generations. I know she wanted me to have the house to live in and take care of my grandchildren in because she left it to me in her will. But after I cremated her, while tears were not yet dried on our cheeks, Wells Fargo moved to foreclose on our house.

Wells Fargo claims to have spoken to my mother while she was on her deathbed. But I know she was too weak to talk because I was there, caring for her.  They claimed they served her the Notice of Default but it was served three months after she had died. Now the bank refuses to acknowledge me as an executor of the estate and title holder of the house. They have refused to communicate with anyone other than my dead mother.

My name is Gail Leeks. I am 65 years old and I have no retirement and I am still working full-time to support myself, my children, and my grandchildren. This home is the only thing I have and without it I will be homeless. 

My family is doing everything we can to keep this home. I am capable of paying the mortgage but the bank refuses to talk to me or give me any information, even though I've sent them document after document proving it. I even sent them a check for $5000 and they returned it to me with a letter saying that it was not enough -- but they will not tell me how much IS enough.

I’ve been trying to communicate with Wells Fargo for eight months. I’ve spent hours on the phone speaking with customer service representatives who won’t provide me with any information. All they can tell me is that they have received my documents and they are “reviewing” it. Despite my repeated calls, letters, emails and faxes, they still won't tell me how to save the house.

All I want is for Wells Fargo Bank to stop the foreclosure,  give me information on how much more is owed on the house, give me information on what I can do to make up the payments my mother missed while she was dying of cancer and give me information on what I can do to make sure this is the best loan I can get.

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Letter to
Vice President Loan Documentation Kathi Mathis
Wells Fargo Bank Home Mortage Mary Coffin
Executive Vice President Howard Atkins
and 10 others
Wells Fargo Bank CEO John G. Stumpf
Head of Social Responsibility and Executive Communications Alanson Van Fleet
EVP, Director of Corporate Communications Oscar Suris
Chief Administrative Officer Marie Reinicke
President Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation, Margaret Padilla
Media Relations
Senior VP, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage J.K Huey
Managing Attorney Pat Herman
CEO, Co-President WFHM Cara Heiden
Co President, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Mike Heid
I was outraged to learn of Wells Fargo’s foreclosure proceedings against Marjorie Gibson, the deceased mother of Gail Leeks, while Gail and her family have made every effort possible to communicate with you and keep the home that has been in their family for over two generations.

Marjorie Gibson died on her birthday on January 11, 2012. She was served the Notice of Default in April 2012, three months after she had passed. According to her last will and testament, she left the house to her daughter, Gail Leeks. Your bank refuses to acknowledge Ms. Leeks as an executor of the estate and title holder of the house. It is both cruel and absurd that you have refused to communicate with anyone other than Ms. Leeks’ dead mother. People should not lose their homes because they are dying or are on their deathbed. Wells Fargo is making it impossible for Gail, a 65-year old grandmother, to save the house that her mother worked so hard to pass down to her children. This home is the only thing that Gail has, and without it she will be forced into homelessness.

I am joining this petition to call on you to immediately grant Gail Leeks a single point of contact at Wells Fargo, place a hold on any imminent foreclosure proceedings, and work with Ms. Leeks as the title owner and executor of Ms. Gibson’s estate to keep her family in their home. Ms. Leeks is not asking for a free ride. She is able to manage the financial responsibility of keeping her home.

Banks like yours have been granted millions of dollars by the federal government to stay afloat. You have been able to maintain astronomically high pay for your executives while profiting from the destruction of your customers’ lives. We will be watching and waiting for you to resolve the havoc and frustration you have wrought on Ms. Leeks and her family.


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