Wells Fargo/McDonald's: Sign The Petition! Stop Animal Cruelty!

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Chances are, you or someone you know has a bank account with Wells Fargo. It’s one of the largest banks in the world and almost everyone is familiar with this company. But most people don’t know about Wells Fargo’s close relationship with the nation’s biggest fast-food chain: McDonald’s. Not only is Wells Fargo/Wells Fargo Advisors a top institutional holder of McDonald’s stock, it also has a special financing program for McDonald’s franchise operators, and until recently the companies even shared 2 board members.

Wells Fargo’s close relationship with McDonald’s is bad business because it means working with a company that supports extreme animal cruelty.

Right now, McDonald’s is the subject of a nationwide boycott because of its outdated and ineffective animal welfare policies. The restaurant refuses to enact standards that would prevent some of the cruelest factory farming practices, despite the fact that many of its competitors, including Subway, Starbucks, and Burger King have already vowed to stop supporting these abuses. And yet, Wells Fargo has continued to invest in McDonald’s and its franchisees. It is unethical for Wells Fargo to continue to do business with a company that is complacent with widespread animal abuse and neglect.

As consumers, we have the choice to support businesses that we feel are socially responsible and avoid businesses that don’t align with our morals. That’s why so many consumers are boycotting McDonald’s. Companies like Wells Fargo have this same choice and Wells Fargo has chosen to continue doing business with McDonald’s despite the unnecessary and outdated animal cruelty in the restaurant’s supply chain.

Join us in asking Wells Fargo to either use its influence for good by urging McDonald’s to adopt meaningful animal welfare standards, or to end its relationship with McDonald’s.

An important question I received: "with due respect, I'm feeling like these signatures aren't going to change the entire meat industry? do you think you could elaborate on this petition's impact?"


(The goal of 100 signatures is just a default number. The more signatures I receive, the higher the goal gets) Just like votes, protests, donations, lobbying or any other political action, online petitions can rarely claim "full credit" for change. However, petitions are major factors in big decisions. Making a difference is the result of many steps and many influences and petitions are an important piece.