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Wells Fargo: Don't break the law -- leave cancer patients alone


Wells Fargo and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department pulled a gun on a sick cancer patient, my good friend Niko Black, and evicted her from her home in California -- in violation of a court order saying she could stay put.

That’s right -- my friend Niko, who is fighting breast cancer and has struggled with numerous health problems over the years, was illegally evicted at gunpoint, as she struggled to pull herself into her wheelchair.

Niko has owned her home for almost 20 years -- and has lived there since she was a child. She never even had a mortgage with Wells Fargo, and has entered into a civil suit around the fraud they have perpetrated against her, fraud that goes back many years. After she filed bankruptcy, the court sided with Niko and put a stay on Wells Fargo’s eviction.

Niko posted the court order on her front door. Despite this, officers from the Sheriff’s Department along with Wells Fargo employees harassed her on several occasions. Finally, on October 10, 2012 officers broke into her home and forcibly evicted her.

When I learned about what happened to Niko, I was appalled, so I decided to start a petition. I am asking Wells Fargo and the Orange County Sheriff's Department to comply with the federal court order, allow Niko Black back into her home and ensure that she can continue to live in her lifelong home. Will you join me?



Please see below and "like" the face book page On Attack 4 Niko Black for more news and updates.



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