Reduce the speed limit on a section of Longford-Golden Beach Rd to protect our wildlife!

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In this picture is Roo-Jay. An orphaned joey who's now motherless. At such a young age he is being fed 4 times a day, placing pressure on carers to rescue the orphans that are a direct outcome of high-speed limits on roads where animals are frequently hit.

I'll start off by introducing ourselves, hello, our names are Sarah Green, Lachlan Ross and Alexandra Hanna and we are passionate about protecting wildlife. We are three year 9 students from Victoria.

I wanted to address the issue of this particular road, coming out of Golden Beach in the Gippsland Region of Victoria, the speed limit has been increased, and we're working to bring it down, because countless more lives have been lost. As well as that, it's endangering the lives of those behind the wheel.

On Longford-Golden Beach Rd the speed limit comes to 100km p/h. This is a prime area where native wildlife are hit, to then have to be dragged off the road. As a result of the high-speed limit, another life becomes lost and possibly an orphaned joey left behind. We were faced with a dreadful situation where every couple hundred meters or so we were having to pull a dead kangaroo off the road.

Therefore, we believe that 60km p/h is a comfortable speed for the few kilometers of the prime affected area. This speed limit enables people to better prepare when faced with a kangaroo on the road and more time to decide what’s best to do in the unexpected situation. It is important to note that this will help the lives of humans as people have died on that road before because they hit a kangaroo. Bringing the speed limit down will buy a bit more time for the driver to decide what the best course of action is. By increasing it to 100km p/h, the only thing that will be achieved is people saving a minute or so. However, is a minute put back into their lives worth the countless amount of lives that are lost each week in that prime area. It is quite absurd to believe that it’s worth it. So help us bring the speed limit down in the prime area’s that wildlife get hit, and to ensure not as many lives need to be lost behind the wheel and on the road.

All three of us really care about wildlife and the unnecessary deaths of these animals can be brought down to a lower rate. These animals just become a statistic, soon to be forgotten by all. We really hope that we make a difference and help these animals.

Please sign our petition asking the Wellington Shire Council to bring the speed limit down for the few kilometres to protect the native wildlife.

Ever since the speed has gone up the rate of which these animals are hit has increased dramatically, this small difference, however, will change the lives of those that instead won’t get hit.

Thank you so much for your help and reading this. We truly appreciate it.





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