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The Government’s blanket prohibition of all events, particularly weddings, cannot go unchallenged as it is, with respect, irrational, unreasonable and excessively damaging to both the Events Industry and our economy as a whole. Unless this is very urgently addressed, the inevitable consequence is the total collapse of the Wedding Industry in South Africa which contributes massively to the GDP. Not only will all service providers and their staff generate absolutely no income during this indefinite period of total restriction (resulting in these businesses closing their doors), but clients whose weddings were postponed will now seek refunds from the various service providers (to whom they have paid deposits and advance fees) because they will be unwilling to adopt a wait-and-see approach amidst all this uncertainty. They will also be unwilling to risk seeing the service provider/s going out of business by the time of their rescheduled wedding date. This will almost certainly lead to bankruptcy of numerous service providers and result in immeasurable job losses. This, in turn, will result in hunger and suffering as people become increasingly incapable of providing food and basic needs for their families.