Smart Shaming: The Filipino Culture of Anti-Intellectualism

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Have you ever heard these lines...

"Edi wow!" (Just Wow!)

"Ikaw na magaling!" (Sure! You're the good one here!)

"Ikaw na!" (Fine!)

"Bobo na ako, sige na!" (So I'm the idiot, okay!) 

or have you ever experienced being shouted like that? These are just some of the terms that people call out who show a higher level of intellect. You'd think people would traditionally compliment them or praise them for their smart li'l brain but no! 

Smart shaming or anti-intellectualism is the act of mocking someone who is smarter than others.

Smart shaming is, unfortunately, the result of the pro-ignorance stance that a lot of populations take, and something that a lot of smart people regularly have to deal with. The basic premise is “yes, you are smarter than me, but I have [insert popular characteristic here], so I’m automatically better than you!”

A new social issue in the Philippines is slowly spreading. Some may say that it is nothing to worry about but the long term effect of this problem will be heavy especially to our economy. Pinoy culture is seemingly set in stone and smart-shaming is unfortunately a part of that. It's mind-boggling come to think of it. Aren't we supposed to encourage everyone to enhance their intelligence, not shame them? How can you be mocked just for studying a little harder, giving information a little more, reading a little longer or speaking your mind a little louder? Whatever the rationale behind this, nonetheless, it needs to be stopped. Why? (Article by: Candymag)

  1. It discourages people to strive to be smarter.
  2. It hinders people from expressing themselves freely.
  3. It puts a negative stereotype to the smart ones.
  4. It makes us think we're not smart enough.
  5. It confuses a person to pursue a passion.

Smart-shaming is a manifestation of how we value the pursuit of knowledge. It is disappointing that there are people who mock those who zealously try to learn and share new learnings and ideas.

So, let's QUIT the smart-shaming and instead ENCOURAGE intelligent conversation. If it makes us insecure to be unfamiliar with topics and concepts, remember that it's as easy looking them up online and asking questions to enlighten ourselves, instead of believing that knowledge is this scary thing meant for other people. It truly is there for everyone's taking.

They should remember that a country’s growth immensely depends on its people. Intelligent minds mean the continuous growth and development of a people.

Photo by: "Smart Shaming: Talk To Me When You're Not Smart Anymore"