(web designer company name - redacted) - Cut Ties With ITR Animal Torture

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We are asking that (web designer company name -redacted) cut business ties with cruel ITR animal torture lab and stand with us against animal cruelty. 

ITR (International Toxicology Research) performs heinous experiments on live animals like macaque monkeys, beagles, and pigs while these animal are still conscious. These animals are mercilessly poisoned, painfully mutilated, and brutally killed for cosmetic testing and research.

Imagine if your own dog was forced to endure this horrific mistreatment!?

(web designer company name -redacted) profits from these violent acts by hosting ITR's website.  The trail of blood money leads directly from ITR to (web designer company name -redacted)'s wallet. We are asking that (web designer company name -redacted) do the ethical thing and severe all contracts and business with ITR.

A recent undercover investigation shows how ITR make money from brutalizing innocent animals on the link below:

Do what's right for the animals! Drop ITR!


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