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We Won't Work For Companies That Support Trump Administration's Values

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Dear Tech Leaders, 

We are disgusted by-- and increasingly afraid of-- the actions of the incoming presidential administration. We are counting on you to hold all of your stakeholders (partners, investors, governments) to the same standards of truth, decency, and integrity that you expect from us as your employees and partners.  By enabling behavior that violates your own ethical standards you risk losing the intellectual capital that distinguishes your companies.

Leading technology companies publicly espouse principles of respect for science, for truth, for diversity, for law, and for merit. All can see the common thread of these principles publicly documented through company websites below:

Compare the values of the incoming administration against your public value statements.  Although there is not (yet) a single document that we can point to which crystallizes the administration’s beliefs, the following represents the values that they embody through statement and action:

  • Anti-science: They have rejected accepted scientific viewpoints, including fundamental facts about climate change.
  • Truthiness: They do not respect truth as an independent, objective fact that can be established and protected by 3rd parties.  
  • Intolerance: They have demonized immigrants as criminals and terrorists. Appointees have pursued an anti-LGBT agenda.
  • Sexism: They have valorized sexual assault.
  • Corruption: They are appointing people with clear conflicts of interest.

We are calling on all tech leaders to publicly reject the values of the incoming administration. There is nothing to wait for--the new administration is setting policy and plans now. The new administration needs to hear that the cooperation of the technology industry is contingent on the administration changing policies.

Your statement will do more to earn our loyalty than any number of stock options and tax breaks from those who remain silent

We the undersigned represent a community of engineers, designers, product managers, business development and sales executives, founders, angel investors and venture capitalists. We reside in Silicon Valley, the Pacific Northwest, the Rust Belt, the East Coast, and beyond. We are graduates of big and small colleges and universities around the world. We have voted Republican, Democrat, and Independent. We are liberals and conservatives. We are technologists in the broadest sense, and we are committed to making the world a better place for our children, and for their children.

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