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Petitioning Montgomery County Maryland -PD Chief Thomas Manger and 2 others

We want the FBI involved with the case of John Morris Jr. Missing Maryland- Victim of Homicide

John James Morris Jr. has been missing since July 30th 2007 and his case has been cold from day one.. His case was upgraded to a possible victim of a homicide in 2010 and no arrests have been made in regards to his case.. The family does have suspicions of possible suspect or suspects in his case. At this time we are asking, begging that the FBI to place John James Morris Jr's information on their website and to get involved with his case as no leads have surfaced at the local level. John Morris's family does feel that the FBI could uncover leads in his case and suspects would be arrested , which would lead to John Morris being recovered and the family given the much needed resolution to his disappearance, which is a JUSTICE and a proper burial for their son. Family Website:

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  • Montgomery County Maryland -PD Chief
    Thomas Manger
  • Montgomery County Maryland Police Department-Fifth District / Germantown-
    Montgomery County Maryland Police Department
  • Maryland FBI
    Maryland Local FBI

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