We want second season of Darling in the franxx anime or sequel of the manga

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Many people are disappointed from the ending of darling in the franxx . And this is a very addictive anime and it's worth watching personally recommending the readers . Now ,  If you have watched then ending of the  anime Darling in the franxx then you might feel sad for the ending or something is incomplete . I am not gonna spoil the ending of this anime for those people who haven't watched. But save this petition because you will wanna sign this petition. I am saying that there should second season of Darling in the franxx. Now if you haven't watched the anime or just started it and you haven't finished watching the anime , please stop reading this petition and before leaving sign this petition . Now those who have watched this anime , you know this is a very addictive anime , but in the end when Hiro ( code 016 ) and zerotwo (code 002) died ,  over 80% of watchers felt that the Hiro and zerotwo should have stayed alive and live with there other friends ( ichigo , goro , mitsuru , etc ) happily. But the ending was very heartbreaking and was not acceptable by the watchers . So my request is to release season two of darling in the franxx anime or manga were hiro and zero two live with there other friends or show the story of reincarnated hiro and zero two . And this possible as in manga (chapter 60 which the last chapter of manga for darling in the franxx )hiro and zero two live on earth with the other members of squad 13 along with their caretaker.

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