Royal commission into administration of Civil Law in NSW

Royal commission into administration of Civil Law in NSW

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Gurjit Singh started this petition to Mark Speakman (NSW Attorney General) and

Institutions in the broad sense are not just organizations – they are the building blocks of social relations. One of the defining characteristics of an institution is that we rely on and put our trust in it. So when institutions betray that trust – be it through cheating, bribery, abuse or any other unacceptable practice – the consequences go beyond the harm to individuals (great as that can be, especially in cases where people have suffered abuse or lost their life savings). We lose some of the glue that binds us together as a community and country.

I want you to pay close attention to this petition. The matters raised in the petition is very serious.

When I started this petition I was not aware of the veracity of the widespread problems in NCAT. However, people across the board have been suffering in the hands of incompetent NCAT and other civil law administration bodies in NSW including local courts and supreme court.

Supreme court has supervisory jurisdiction in NSW to supervise the administration of justice. The civil law administration in NSW would not have dropped to this low has Supreme court been doing its job in supervising the administration of law.

Attorney General of NSW is quite on all these serious issues.

As a citizen of NSW, I demand the Royal Commission into the administration of Civil Law in NSW.

What is NCAT 
New South Wales Civil and administrative tribunal. NCAT is not a court but they have jurisdiction to decide disputes between parties in NSW. Tribunal Members decides the disputes. There are 3 categories of members namely General Members, Senior Members, and Principal Members. We want you to

    1)  To Investigate breach of the code of conduct complaints promptly in NCAT.
    2)  Improvement in the process of recruitment of members.
    3) All Decisions in NCAT made by all members must be published online.
    4) Appeal Panel should have a separate head.
    5) Better document management system to eliminate lost paperwork in the registry.
    6) The registry should be trained to list/relist the matters in the prescribed form.
    7) Single Member appeal panel should not be allowed to refuse to leave to appeal.
    8) Refer matters involving tax compliance to the supreme court.
    9) Enquiry into NCAT application of consumer laws especially in relation to motor vehicles.
   10) Serious penalties for Unlicenced contractors.




Why NCAT unable to make landlords comply with Australian Tax Law;

1) Landlord refuses to provide Invoices for rent payment and NCAT is helpless.

2) Landlord ignores the right to set off, and NCAT is helpless.

3) The landlord failed to provide outstanding rent particulars as expressly said in his filed defense and NCAT is helpless.

4)  Landlord refuses to comply with tax compliance, and NCAT is helpless

5) Landlords bully NCAT members to command bias in their favor and NCAT is helpless.

6) Lawyers in NCAT openly violate their code of conduct and NCAT is helpless.

7) Tenants application and paperwork often get lost and NCAT is helpless.

8) Members blatant disregard to Member's Code of conduct, NCAT is helpless

I don't know if any corruption involved but certainly NCAT is tilted in favor of landlords when it comes to fairness.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!