Support Bill for Prior Notice on Upcoming Geese, Turkey Culls, Open Govt.

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Support Bill for Prior Notice on Upcoming Geese, Turkey Culls, Open Govt.

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Pass the 'Right to Know' bill

All across the U.S., communities are complaining that the Wildlife Services branch of the USDA is coming in without prior notification to the public, and against their wishes, and killing geese, turkeys, and their babies. These animals are killed by shoving them into crates and then gassing or shooting them. All done with taxpayer money and without our consent.

Citizens of New York are taking action. They have inspired a bill called the“Right to Know” bill (S.2600/A.7067). If passed, it will require prior notice from Wildlife Services before any such slaughters take place in the state of New York. It also requires the agency to provide the public with information on humane alternatives to any lethal methods they may plan on using.

Passage of this bill would help the public have a voice and prevent unwanted killing of wildlife in our communities. The law could inspire people in other states to take the same action.

Wildlife Services was called “Agriculture's Misnamed Agency” by the New York Times, due to the fact that it is actually a killing service for farmers, ranchers, golf courses, and other businesses. For this service they profit over $20 million dollars per year.

We can make sure Wildlife Services lives up to it’s name. This bill will restore transparency and their accountability to the public instead of operating in secret. We have a right to know and have input on how our taxes are spent.

If the bill doesn't pass the slaughter of geese and turkeys will continue in secret. These slaughters are inhumane and without scientific basis. The animals can't speak for themselves, but you can speak for them. Please sign and share the petition today.

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