Melbourne Wants NianticLive2020: Pokemon Go Fest!

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Pokemon Go has a vibrant player community in Australia, what it hasn't had is a Safari Zone or Pokemon Go Fest here... but that could all be about to change! 

Niantic has been calling for player communities to nominate their cities to host such events in 2020 posting your suggested city park to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NianticLive2020 and tell them why you think it would make for a great event, and through the Niantic Labs website which spells out all of the criteria that goes into picking the perfect park (spoiler alert: it’s not as simple as some might think).

Cities around the world are vying for the prize! Including a number of Aussie Cities!

Niantic also suggest teaming up with other players in your city, or even with local officials (Parks Departments, Tourism Boards, Local Representatives) to submit an official nomination.

There’s a form on the #NianticLive2020 website for those official and group submissions. Deadline for nominations is October 1, 2019.

This petition is aimed at asking City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria, Federal and State Members for Melbourne, and the Victorian State Government to endorse an official nomination of Melbourne to Niantic.

We are a committee of Melbourne based players from the local community who are working to lodge an official nomination of Australia's Events Capitol as the place to host Niantic's first Australian Pokemon Go live event, we need the signatures of players to show Local, State and Federal decision makers the level of support for this event which could provide great tourism and event opportunity for the city with huge economic benefits. 

Our committee has spoken briefly with the Events team at City of Melbourne, and it's clear to us that to get the support of Councillors we need to show the councillors the support for the event, and so we ask you to sign below.

We the below signed Australia-Pacific region players sign to show the level of community support for this event and game, and call on Local and State Governments, and Federal and State Members for the seat of Melbourne to write a letter of endorsement to the committee to submit with our nomination of Melbourne for the first Australian Niantic special event.