We want Mr. Aniket Bhardwaj to be unbanned.

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Aniket Bhardwaj  has been banned from Quora on allegation of using a spoof account which had same recovery i.d. as his original I.D.
However, anyone can use his Gmail Id which was public as recovery gmail I.d. and then make a spoof account.


His answers  were reported multiple times and he was also banned for 7 days after writing a political answer. We know (many) who reported him.
Many knew him here. I too got to know him from here. His answers were daily life experiences coupled with political answers. His ideology seemed to hurt many and he had to pay for it.
Nevertheless, he is an extremely down to earth person and helps every single soul possible. He is a very successful Quoran and has more than 14000 followers.  He even organsied a blanket distribution event during the chilling cold of New Delhi alongwith some fellow Quorans. He is indeed a great friend to be with.

Please sign the petition to bring him back.