We Want a Federal Investigation Into the In-Custody Death of Dante Parker (36) of Victorville, CA.

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We Want a Federal Investigation Into the In-Custody Death of Dante Parker (36) of Victorville, CA.

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San Bernardino Police Department, San Bernardino, CA Jarrod Burguan, Chief of Police

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Started by Pamela FIELDS

On August 12, 2014, Dante Parker (36) died while in the custody of police officers of the Victorville Police Department (Victorville, CA) as a result of having been tased by them 15 times with a stun gun.

Dante was an amazing and loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend whose life ended much too soon.  His five children (twins, Brittany and Dantazha (17), Tierra (14), Deanna (9) and Dan'te Jr. (6)) are now without a dad... their mom, Bianca, without her husband... her soulmate... her best friend. "He was our provider.  He was the rock of our family..." —Bianca Carlisle-Parker

WE WANT JUSTICE!  We are demanding a complete and thorough investigation by the Department of Justice against the Victorville Police Department of Victorville, CA, for allegations of police corruption, misconduct and brutality that took the life of Dante Parker.  Those allegations are as follows:

  1. •use of unnecessary and excessive force;
  2. •discrimation; and
  3. •racial profiling

We cannot count on the Victorville Police Department to protect us -- our trust in them has been shattered.  The Victorville Police Department no longer provides protection and common courtesies to us.  Instead, they create and instill fear and intimidation and they discriminate against and physically abuse us.

The residents of Victorville need a police department that can hold itself up to its own standards, which is what the Victorville Police Department claims to stand for -- "Setting the Standard of Excellence."  A police department with honor, integrity and, above all, one with the highest ethical standards that we can trust to value its residents and their needs, one that will serve and protect us with courtesy and professionalism -- NOT one of which its officers will kill the innocent and unarmed and lie later to cover up their crime(s).

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PETITION so that the offending Police Officers who were involved in killing Dante Parker be held personally accountable and charged accordingly to the fullest extent of the law for their heinous crime against him.

Thank you.

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This petition had 474 supporters

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