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WE WANT JUSTICE FOR AXEL: Stop ACO Bates from killing all animals. .

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This is very important that we get Justice for Axel. He was taken from his owners for no reason. This ACO Bates came and shot this 18 month old Yellow Lab for NO reason. He is still working for the county. He has gotten away with this for years. It is our turn to stop this man from killing other animals. We want this Officer charged with Animal Cruelty and that the County take action in removing this person from their payroll. He should not be allowed to continue what he is doing. Please help us stop this. 

This is from Axel's owners:

  The animal control officer (ACO) called at 10:10 am, 11/2/12 and asked me if I had a dog named Alex, I told him “Do you mean Axel?” ACO told me that the neighbors had called his voicemail and left a message, and that he responded to them that he would be there in 5 minutes, he said this was around 4 pm. He told me that Axel had run after the kid (17 year old boy) off the bus, but by the time the ACO got to the house, Axel had left. They (he and the teenager) went through my parent’s gate and knocked on the door, but no one was home. He told me that the teenager id’d Axel as the dog that had run after him (while they were on my parents property). At that time, ACO was on my parent’s property, with the dog, with no signs of aggression. Per ACO, he then went back to the neighbor’s house, when Axel came up the driveway. He said he was in his truck talking to the teenager, and that the kid went running across the yard and Axel ran after him. After that ACO said that Axel was between him and his truck. He said he stomped at Axel, and Axel ran off about 10 feet and turned around and looked at him. He said at this point Axel had his hair up (shaved to approximately 1 inch long) and that Axel was acting aggressive towards him. At this point he shot and killed Axel. When we went up and found the spot that Axel had been shot, he was less than 30 feet off of my our property. Axel had only lived here for 4 days and had never been off the property before
Axel was not aggressive and had never even growled a person in his entire life. Axel live with every type of animal from poultry to horses and a 3 1/2 year old girl and was just a goofy lab pup



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